45+ Funky Frisuren für Mädchen im Teenageralter 2020

Weibliche Teenager bevorzugen immer flippige Styles, egal ob es sich um Anzüge oder Frisuren handelt. Sie bevorzugen die einfachsten Frisuren und solche, die für den Alltag geeignet sind. Eine gute Frisur kann Ihren gesamten Look verbessern.

Auch wenn es nur ein normaler Tag ist, achten Mädchen sehr auf ihre Frisur, da dies ein wesentlicher Bestandteil des Anziehens ist. Das Stylen von Haaren ist genauso wichtig wie das Anziehen. Wenn die Frisur nicht der Marke entspricht, werden Sie stumpf aussehen. Eine perfekte Frisur lässt Sie noch glamouröser aussehen. Um die Schönheit zu verbessern, müssen das Mädchen oder die Frauen viel auf ihre Haare achten. Die Frisuren ändern sich ständig, Mädchen bevorzugen funky Looks, während Frauen sehr nüchterne und anständige Frisuren bevorzugen. Teenager-Mädchen mit kurzen, mittleren oder langen Haaren können verschiedene Funky-Arten ausprobieren, um ihre Haare zu stylen.

Teenage Celebities Funky Hairstyles


Complicated hairstyle speaks a lot about you and your personality. Do give complicated hair a try when hitting a funky costume party to stand out in the crowd.

Swaggy Hairstyles teenage girlsIf you think that you are too lazy to spend 15 minutes on your hairstyle and you think that you can not do it then you can always cut your hair in short length and add spikes it in to give it extra volume. You can also dye your hair red or in any other unique color. This way you will not have to be worried about the hairstyle that you are going to make because your hair will naturally speak for themselves and you will not be running late either. We love the use of glittery under eye liner that goes with your hair color, it gives a really chic and unique look and makes the eyes stand out.


Celebrities Funky Look

Straight Hairstyles for Teenage Girls

Pink Hairstyle

If you don’t like orange or red color and you think that you are bold enough to go out in striking colors then do try dying your hair in full pink with black strikes. This hairstyle will give you a cool looking goth look and no one will ever try to bully you. If you feel that you aren’t ready for such a huge range or are confused about whether a particular funky color will suit you or not, you can always go for the very easily available hair extensions, hair chalks and hair sprays as they’ll help you decide whether the color suits you or not and the best part is that they are just temporary.

Pink Hairstyle teenage girls

Orange Hairstyles

Funky Hipster Haircut

Gypsy Hairstyle for teenagers

Go for Purple Curl Hairs

Getting your hair dyed in a violet or purple color is also a good idea. You can either dye all of the  hair in purple or try getting a few highlights in ombre purple, either way, it will look sexy and cute on you. Don’t forget to take good care of your hair to make the dye last longer.

funky long haircuts

Funky hairstyles for teenage girls

Funky Short Haircut

Funky hairstyles for teenage girls short hairs
funky hairstyles for medium length hair

For someone who likes to catch all the attention, you can simply dye your hair in a unique color. That way no one will be able to resist turning their heads for another look on you. For instance, you can go for full light or barbie pink dye and add turquoise color strikes and you can also add a few blonde strikes for more depth in your hair color.
Funky emo haircuts

Everyone loves fish braid and they are usually done on formal occasions too but you can always take a few step ahead in the fish braid game and make fish braid look more funky and cool. For this all you need to do is to get your hair cut in layers with added spikes, then make fish braid right on the longer strands of your hair. Making sure to let all the shorter and spikier hair hang loose to give you fish braid a messy and funky look. You can always add a touch of a hair mascara for some extra oomph.

emo hairstyles for teenage girls
Cute hairstyles for teenage girls

Braided hairstyles for teenage girls
Best Edgy Haircuts teenagers

You can also go for a nice and elegant bun and turn in into a funky one just by adding funky and cool looking accessories in your hair. For example, you can add funky head bands, hair extensions, flowers or even go for head chains.Boho hairstyles for teenage girls
Crazy hairstyles Teenage girls
Funky bohemian hairstyles
Funky Short Haircuts
funky hairstyles for long hair

Funky Haircuts for Teens

funky girls hairstylesShaggy Hairstyles

Emo Hair
funky braids

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